All vehicles require routine maintenance to ensure they run reliably and safely. Tech 1 Auto Care offers vehicle servicing for all makes and models, with European models and four-wheel drives a specialty. Our mechanics will perform routine maintenance tasks using the most up to date equipment, as well as inspect the entire vehicle for any worn or damaged components. We service diesel, LPG and petrol cars, four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.

We also service luxury cars with the utmost care, and undoubtedly at a fairer price than your luxury car dealer! A luxury car is a big investment, so don’t take chances – give us a call to discuss exactly how we can provide an outstanding service for your car.

For new vehicles, our qualified mechanics can perform logbook services using original manufacturer components so that the factory warranty is maintained. In our minor and major servicing we use Ryco Filters and Penrite Oils.

For more information about our vehicle servicing, or to book in for a service, contact us.


Tech 1 Auto Care is a VicRoads licensed roadworthy inspection centre for passenger vehicles, four-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles up to 4.5 tonne and LPG vehicles. During our roadworthy inspections our mechanics comprehensively assess your vehicle to ensure that it is safe for road use, adhering to guidelines set by VicRoads.

When you’re planning a long road trip, we would urge you to bring your vehicle in for a pre-trip inspection. The inspection will discover any issues before you hit the road, and allow you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

When you’re looking at buying a secondhand vehicle, we would recommend a pre-purchase inspection. This inspection ensures you know exactly what you’re buying, so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

If you’ve purchased a second hand vehicle, we can perform your roadworthy inspection and any repairs required to get your car on the road. To find out more, or to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Licensed VicRoads Vehicle Tester Number: 10113LVLP


As four-wheel drive specialists and enthusiasts, our team can supply and fit a huge range of accessories to your vehicle. We have a range of HID and LED lighting upgrades to improve your vision at night, as well as suspension and tyre upgrades to improve your off-road handling. We also use a variety of suppliers for exhaust upgrades, snorkels, bullbars, winches and any other accessory that your 4WD may need.

We can supply and fit products from EFS, Redarc, Warn, Dynamic Wheels and BF Goodridge. To find out more about our wide range of accessory options for your 4WD vehicle, or to arrange a quote, contact us.


If your brakes aren’t stopping your car as well as they once did, you may be in need of brake repairs. Worn braking parts can sometimes result in shuddering steering while braking, poor response or feel from your brake pedal, and/or squealing sounds being produced when braking. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, visit our workshop for an assessment of your vehicle’s braking systems.

Whether it’s new pads, rotors, drums, or shoes, our mechanics can repair your brakes to get your vehicle stopping like new again using products from Bendix and RDA. We are also equipped to machine your brake components and extend their lifespan, avoiding the more costly alternative of replacing the parts entirely.

To find out more, contact us today.


Over time your clutch and transmission components wear and require routine servicing, maintenance and repairs. A worn clutch can result in decreased acceleration and an unresponsive feel from your clutch pedal.

As well as repairing your vehicle’s clutch, our mechanics can service your transmission so that it continues to operate as the manufacturer intended it to.

For more information about our clutch and transmission repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


At Tech 1 Auto Care we are licensed to repair and re-gas air conditioning systems on all makes and models. If your air conditioner has stopped blowing cold air, driving can become a very unpleasant experience.

We have the equipment to professionally re-gas your air conditioning system to restore its cooling power. We can also repair or replace any other components to get your air-con operating as the manufacturer intended.

To find out more, or to book in for a repair, contact us today.


Your vehicles exhaust system is responsible for dispelling gases produced in the engine as quietly and efficiently as possible. Over time your exhaust won’t work as efficiently as it once did, and its mounting points may wear and rattle.

We can repair or replace your exhaust and also offer exhaust upgrades for many different makes and models of four-wheel drive.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a quote or book in for a repair.


As well as the extensive range of mechanical repairs we have on offer, our skilled mechanics are also capable of disgnosing and repairing a wide variety of auto electrical faults. Whether it’s replacing an alternator or starter motor, or resolving wiring issues, we’ve got you covered. We also stock batteries for all makes and models.

We supply and fit batteries from Supercharge and Bond Batteries.

For more information on batteries or auto electrical repairs, contact us today.


At Tech 1 Auto Care we can professionally repair or upgrade your steering and suspension components. We can install suspension upgrades and lift kits for four-wheel drives to improve your handling off-road.

If your steering and suspension components are worn or damaged, our mechanics can repair or replace them to get your vehicle handling as the manufacturer intended it to.

For more information, or to book in for repair, contact us.


Having a child restraint professionally fitted ensures that your child travels as safely as possible. Our expert team are experienced with child restraint fitment and can correctly install your child seat and ensure all mounting points are securely fastened. We can:

  • Install and adjust your baby/child chairs and restraints
  • Install additional anchorage points in your vehicles
  • Tailor fit your chair and restraints to your child
  • Conduct a 10 point safety check for existing child seats installed

For more information about child restraint requirements, depending on the child’s size, click here. For your peace of mind, contact us today to find out more about child restraint fitment.


Driving with a cracked windscreen can be visual hazard, making driving unsafe. A cracked windscreen has also had its structural integrity compromised leaving it vulnerable to further damage, so it must be replaced.

We can supply and fit windscreens for all makes and models of car, four-wheel drive and light commercial vehicle.

To arrange a quote on a new windscreen, contact us today.


Your tyres are the contact point between your vehicle and the road. While they might seem simple at first, they are marvels of modern engineering. Your tyres are designed to continue to provide grip even as they wear (as long as your wheels are aligned properly) and in wet weather, your tyre treads act as channels to divert water away from where your tyres touch the road, and prevent aquaplaning.

Here at Tech 1 Autocare, we can provide tyres for a wide range of vehicles, including: cars, 4WDs and light commercial vehicles (vans and utes). We can also help you with tyre fitting, tyre balancing, and tyre rotation.

If you need a new set of tyres, contact us today.


We provide a comprehensive repair service here at Tech 1 Autocare, including, but not limited to:

  • Towing
  • Caravan repairs
  • Agricultural equipment repairs
  • Trailer repairs
  • Earthmoving equipment repairs

If you need a service you haven’t seen listed on this page, contact us today.